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Forever Gin Chia in Ghana | Ginseng and Chia Seeds

Where to buy ginseng supplements in Tamale

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Forever GinChia® brings together two powerful ingredients for a perfect harmony of nutrition and endurance. Ginseng is an incredible source of natural energy while chia provides all the benefits of a modernday superfood.

Power your day with the natural energy and stamina

• Powerful tonic and antioxidant
• Helps increase stamina and endurance
• Helps support healthy circulation
• Vegetarian friendly

Forever GinChia® brings together two long-revered herbs from opposite sides of the world for a perfect harmony of nutrition and endurance. Forever Gin Chia in Ghana

Ginseng is a legendary eastern herb known as the king of tonics.” Its staminaenhancing properties kept farmers and herders going through long days in the field. Ginseng is as popular as ever today for good reason. It provides a natural source of energy along with adaptogenic herbs that support overall wellness. Forever Gin Chia in Ghana

Chia, the popular herb of the West, was used by Native Americans who believed it contained life-sustaining properties. The herb produces small seeds that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and protein, making it a wonderful complement to a well-rounded diet.

There’s a reason some herbs don’t go out of style. Ginseng and chia combine to promote natural stamina and provide powerful antioxidants and healthful properties. Use Forever GinChia® to pack your day with nature’s bounty of herbs in an easy to take tablet and help maintain your active lifestyle. Forever Gin Chia in Ghana

Forever Gin Chia in Ghana


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Forever Gin Chia in Ghana

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